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MOSES Cloud Complete EHR is fully certified Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) solution. 

In today's world there are a lot of EMR or EHR vendors that have achieved MU1 certifications however only very few have achieved a COMPLETE MU2 certification. This certifies that the EHR contains all of the advanced features necessary for the medical practice to remain MU2 compliant and not suffer penalties in the reduction of reimbursements. 

We provide custom EHR Solutions for:

  • Cardiovascular

  • Internal Medicine

  • Neurology

  • Neuropsychology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Pain Management

  • Pediatric

  • Physical Therapy

  • Primary Care / Family Practice

  • Radiology / Imaging Centers

  • General Surgery

  • Urgent Care Centers

Product functions

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Full Practice Management
Secure Direct Messaging
Wide Array or Reports
Unlimited scanned images
Fully supports ICD-10
Fully integrated paperless Faxing Solution
Customized clinical documentation
No hidden fees or additional charges based on volume of any kind

Features of our product

Customizable Desktop

Each user has the capability of customizing the layout of their desktop and how certain features behave.

Billing & Collections

MOSES automates a great deal of the billing process. For example, accurate charges are automatically applied to the invoice immediately after the physician has completed the clinical note.

Patient & Resource Scheduling

The extremely powerful scheduler can manage schedules for every provider and office in the practice. Provides metrics to ensure all patient visits have completed clinical documentation and accurately charged invoices.

Patient Demographics

The patient demographics is a comprehensive set of patient data that includes typical information, advanced billing configurations, detailed historical appointment tracking, account notes and much more.

Patient Encounters

A patient encounter is considered a scheduled visit found on the provider's schedule. Tracks completion of clinical documentation with reminders, tasks, physician dashboards, and much more.

Financial & Activity Reporting

There are over 100 reports available. Each report has significant customizations that allow 1000’s of combinations.

Invoice Related Information

An invoice is associated with each patient encounter or scheduled visit. Contains all data necessary for billing both by paper and electronic. Maintains billing history and auto-bills delinquent accounts.

MOSES Cloud© Message Center

The Moses Message Center support about every kind of communications. Instant messaging, intra-office messaging, self or group reminders, external email (each account has a MOSES-assigned email), faxes, direct medical practice-to-medical practice messaging, secured sharing of patient PHI across medical practices, and much more


Our MOSES Cloud© software can help you to:

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Improve the quality

Improve the quality of your clinical notes, proving medical necessity for every patient visit. Improve the quality of the patient experience with metrics in the time a patient is in the waiting room or the exam room or whatever phase is defined, so that you can identify bottlenecks in the time a patient spends in the medical practice.

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Maximize revenue

Maximize your revenue by getting paid for the services you actually provide. Improve efficiency of your billing staff with automated charges, automated billing, and automated posting of electronic remittances. Tracks every penny and provides checks and balances to ensure all financial data is accurately posted to the patient's account.

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Improvement of experience

Enhance your patients’ experience with your office with the patient portal, quick and efficient clinical documentation, allowing the physician to focus more on patient care than documentation.

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Better efficiency

Increase the overall efficiency of your staff with automated charge posting, reminders, automated electronic lab orders/results, direct messaging and faxing within the patient's EHR and much more. 

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Increase referrals

Increase your professional and patient referrals through automated transmission of correspondences to referring physician upon clinical note completion.

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About Us

MedXLnce, Inc. has been providing practice management and EMR solutions to the medical community since 1990. Back then we saw the need for quality solutions and quality customer service. So we set out, with the basic premise "all enhancements are free" to answer to those needs. With humility in our hearts, we joined with various medical practices that embraced our premise and saw the vision. As a result, they obtained their perfect PM and EMR solution... that was in 1990... and they are still clients today.

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  • HIPAA secure data hosting included. All software updates included
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Scheduling Metrics to ensure completed clinical notes and posted charges

Too many times, clinical notes don't get completed and charges aren't applied. This leads to incomplete patient EHRs and stalling/degradation of cash flow. To mitigate this, MedXLnce has implemented the means to review the patients seen by every provider at every office, indicating the status of the visit's clinical documentation and charges applied. This alerts management when work is incomplete allowing them to address areas that are needing attention so as to maintain accurate patient EHR and efficient billing.

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MedXLnce Releases Comprehensive Automated Patient Reminders

MedXLnce now offers patient reminders in the form of email, phone calls, and text messaging. The Patient Reminders system is custom configured with respect to frequency and message content, allowing the appointment visit type to associate with the message being sent. If the patient confirms the appointment, then the confirmation appears in the schedule indicating the patient has confirmed. If a patient chooses to cancel an appointment, a message is sent to the medical practice staff, informing them, so that staff can reach out to the patient to coordinate rescheduling the cancelled appointment. We also support on-demand reminders. This allows for staff to review who hasn't responded and on-demand patient reminders.  

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