Recent Product Enhancements - Version 5.5

MOSES Cloud© Feature EnhancementsThere are some very useful enhancements in this version that will improve both your clinical and management workflows.
PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS - EMAIL IMPROVEMENTS AND DIRECT MESSAGINGAttachments to emails can now be encrypted. The decryption key can be customized and sent to the recipient for decryption.
When you are viewing any MOSES report in the Print Preview screen, there are now two important new tools at your disposal:

Direct Messaging is a HIPAA approved means to communicate securely with any other entity or individual with a Direct AddressDirect Messaging is the secure form of communications that professionals are beginning to use. MOSES Cloud Complete EHR supports this form of communication. Any user can have their own Direct Address. They can both send and receive Direct Messages within MOSES. This means that any patient data can be attached to the Direct Message... any scanned image, any medical history, any clinical document... anything found in the patient's EMR records, can be sent via secure messaging. Additionally, anything received via Direct Messaging can be directly attached to the patient's EMR. Patient Portal now supports ALL types of EMR documentsAny document found in the patient's EMR can now be made visible and downloadable from the patient portal. All that is need is to flag an EMR document to be viewed outside of MOSES (made 'Public'). With the proper credentials the patient (or the patients representative) can view and download the EMR files from within MOSES.
For more information on the new features, please contact customer support.

MOSES Radiology and Imaging Center EditionThe MOSES Cloud EHR Study Management Tool is now directly linked into the MOSES EHR schedule, billing, images, and clinical documentation. Charges in this version can now be auto posted when the Study Documentation is completed.
ICD-10 and V5010 ComplianceMOSES Cloud Practice Management and Complete EHR software for ALL specialty editions is compliant with the requirements for the new V5010 claims transmission specification and format that are required after 1/1/2012.MOSES Cloud Practice Management and Complete EHR software for ALL specialty editions is now also compliant with the requirements for the planned ICD-10 diagnosis coding implementation.

MOSES File Downloads

Our MOSES Cloud Complete version uses Microsoft Remote Desktop software to deliver MOSES to your desktop. In order to provide superior support for printing and scanning from within MOSES, we provide some free additional tools from the company, Terminal Works ( These tools need to be installed on every computer that will require printing or scanning capabilities.  

To print from within MOSES, click the "TS Print Installer" button below to download and install TS Print. To scan into a patient's EMR, click the "TS Scan Installer" button below to download and install TS Scan.

Contact MedXLnce Support

Our End-User Support and Data Hosting is all done right here in our Jacksonville, Florida corporate headquarters with no offshore support center to slow down your daily operations and frustrate you and your staff.The MedXLnce, Inc. SUPPORT TEAM is ready to respond to your support needs with timely software product support, end-user training and professional EHR workflow and Practice Management advice.Our normal Client Support hours are from 8:00AM-6:00PM, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded.After hours and weekend Client Support is available by appointment.Our HIPAA Secure MOSES DATA Center is monitored 24/7, and data access Emergency Services are available at any time 365 days a year.
The MedXLnce, Inc. CLIENT SUPPORT CENTER is located at:6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 2004Jacksonville, FL 32216
The MedXLnce, Inc. MOSES CLIENT SUPPORT telephone line is:904-861-7000866-700-MEDX


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