About Us

MedXLnce, Inc. has been providing practice management and EMR solutions to the medical community since 1990. Back then we saw the need for quality solutions and quality customer service. So we set out, with the basic premise "all enhancements are free" to answer to those needs. With humility in our hearts, we joined with various medical practices that embraced our premise and saw the vision. As a result, they obtained their perfect PM and EMR solution... that was in 1990... and they are still clients today.
Today we have hundreds clients in a variety in medical specialties, who enjoy the same basic premise. You too, can have the perfect Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records solution. Embrace the vision and enjoy the success!
As God as our guide, we maintain the highest ethical and moral qualities in ALL aspects of our business. We always strive to follow His direction for our company. We firmly believe that this is why we have an extremely high client retention rate and a highly successful solution for the medical community.
MOSES Cloud Complete CERTIFIED EHR© was developed by MedXLnce, Inc. and is provided directly to our healthcare provider clients as an affordable Cloud-based subscription solution.
MedXLnce, Inc. provides its software products and services directly to its clients, with no middle-men or independent dealers. We work closely with a nationwide network of independent professional consultants who recommend our solution to physicians and other healthcare providers.
All implementation, training and end-user support services to MedXLnce, Inc. clients is provided by our staff from our corporate headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida.
The MedXLnce, Inc. staff is ready to respond to your requests with timely product support, product information and professional EHR workflow advice.

Key Team Members


Corporate Offices

6817 Southpoint Parkway
Suite 2004
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Details of Financial Costs

Our fees breakdown as follows:
• An initial fee for setup, customization, and training.
• A 'per provider' "ongoing monthly fee" is charged to compensate for the use of MOSES Cloud Complete EHR v5.5, as well as the use of our HIPAA compliant infrastructure and backup services.

Any additional types of costs that an EP, EH, or CAH would pay to implement MOSES Cloud Complete EHR or any of its modules, in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures, would be included in the costs outlined above. EHR Technology self-developers are excluded from this requirement.  

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