MedXLnce, Inc.’s RADIOLOGY AND IMAGING EDITION is an advanced cloud-based software solution that keeps your computer hardware, network and start-up costs very low and provides functionality and HIPAA compliant data security that cannot be matched with an in-house network and server.
MOSES Cloud Complete EHR© is CMS ONC-ATCB Certified as a Complete EHR Ambulatory software product. Doctors using our software to manage their practice can qualify for the ARRA Stimulus.

Powerful Study Management Tools

MOSES Cloud© for Imaging Centers provides Radiologists, Technologists and office staff with powerful reporting and management tools. Center stage among these workflow enhancement tools is our exciting, new MOSES Study Management System that provides these critical management features:
All Study Orders are monitored and tracked, either individually or grouped, and can be filtered by Schedule, Modality, location, referring provider, Radiologist or assigned Technologist.
Study-Specific Modality information and technologist’s notes are automatically saved in the MOSES Patient Electronic Chart on a per study basis – no more super-bill checklist to be printed or filed.
Each study order is continuously tracked through every step of your workflow process;
Using the MOSES built-in Automated FAX system, your Radiologists’ reports can be sent to Referring Providers and Attorneys within minutes after being read – giving you the marketing advantage to be more competitive with “Same-Day” Reports;
MOSES Cloud© for Imaging Centers automatically sends and monitors pre-determined study specific task reminders to staff members, technologists and Radiologists to make sure that no step in your practice workflow is overlooked. This assures that your reports will be delivered accurately and in a timely manner.

MOSES Cloud© for Imaging Centers Works the Way You Do!

MOSES Cloud© for Imaging Centers’ Imaging-Specific EMR templates can be customized for each Radiologist so that he or she can produce individualized reports for insurance payers, attorneys and referring physicians.
Using MOSES Cloud© for Imaging Centers, every Radiologists, Technologists and staff member can configure their personal MOSES desktop interface to meet his or her task-specific workflow preferences.
This edition of our software has many enhanced workflow tools and includes Radiology and Imaging-Specific EMR templates that follow standard clinical protocols and meet the rigid charting and claims submission requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and major Third-Party payer plans.


We don’t want to make you change the way you practice medicine, so MOSES Cloud Complete EHR© gives you personal choices.
Foremost among our latest version’s features, every provider can set-up their personal MOSES Cloud© desktop to meet his or her personal workflow preferences.
On your MOSES personal desktop you can arrange how you access the current patient chart, a list of patients waiting with their location in your office and how long they’ve been waiting, messages and results waiting in your eMessage portal, phone and email messages waiting, a list of charts not completed and your personal uncompleted tasks.
And, our robust Radiology and Imaging-Specific templates are easily customized to meet each doctor’s specific clinical routine and charting preferences. We even have a staff specialist who can assist you with the process.
To document your clinical activity, you can use our easy-to-use wireless tablet-based EHR templates or, you can dictate your clinical notes directly into the MOSES Electronic Patient Chart. MOSES Cloud© is fully integrated with the latest edition of Dragon Naturally Speaking© medical dictation software.
Implementing this optional digital dictation tool can save a small medical practice up to $1,500 per month on transcription costs.


Every patient’s chart is right there, on your computer desktop, when you need it, wherever you are.
For improved claims reimbursement, your study notes and readings can be directly linked to specific CPT codes for automated charge entry to the MOSES claims submission engine for daily review and electronic submission.
MOSES clients using this feature reduce their labor costs, enjoy quicker claims turnaround and reduce their risk of audits and denials by reducing billing errors and by being able to prove medical necessity for every charge.


MOSES Cloud Complete EHR© is fully integrated with the powerful McKesson RelayHealth® Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) network. MOSES Cloud© can submit your claims and other EDI transactions through the nation’s leading clearing house services, too.
Using our web-based Patient Portal functionality, your staff will be able to securely receive and respond to electronic appointment requests and other correspondence from your patients. This saves important staff time on the phone, and your patient is not kept “on hold” waiting for answers. The Patient Portal also helps you meet the “timely access” requirement for “MEANINGFUL USE” by selecting to make the patient’s personal health record securely available to them via the website.
Our flexible eMessaging tools allow doctors to make and receive electronic referrals and to receive electronic study orders. They can also electronically receive patient health records and results from labs, testing and imaging facilities. After review by the doctor, the eMessage results are automatically stored with the patient’s MOSES Electronic Patient Chart.
MOSES Cloud© includes a fully integrated, automated fax utility that sends your faxes via our secure communications servers with no scanning by your staff and no paper used! Whether you need to securely send an interim report or complete copy of a patients chart to another physician, ancillary provider or an attorney, it’s as easy as pushing a button.
Your professional correspondence, either via eMessaging or secure facsimile transmission, is automatically notated in or saved with the patient’s MOSES Electronic Patient Chart.
While you are working in the MOSES Electronic Patient Chart you can also, with the push of a button, send internal practice messages and assign patient-specific tasks for completion by your support staff. Once assigned, these tasks are tracked and monitored to assure completion.
The MOSES Cloud© Advanced Electronic Practice Management, Healthcare Information Exchange and “MEANINGFUL USE” tools are included with our standard provider subscription at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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