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Free Certified EHR with a 5% Billing Service charge

In an aggressive turn, MedXLnce teamed with Integrity Medical Office Solutions to bring you this incredible offer. This is a Florida-based medical billing service, comprised of an American billing experts that have decades of experience in a wide variety of medical specialties

Honestly there are EHR softwares already out there that are free. However when you dig into them you'll find out why there free and realize, although it's free in a financial sense, there's costs elsewhere. Do your research!

Since MedXLnce owns MOSES Cloud Complete EHR, we can set the price, starting at $0! So then you may ask, how can they have an income to keep the doors open? Continue reading, you'll find out how.

If you haven't looked at our EHR Solutions page, you may not know that not only does MOSES Cloud Complete have a very strong EMR component, but also has a very seasoned and efficient practice management component.

MedXLnce joined with a highly experienced medical billing team who currently manages about every type of medical practice, and have been doing this for decades. We have found great success by bringing MOSES Cloud Complete and a powerful team of medical billing together. Both entities are highly efficient. The automation of MOSES, the skillful eye and knowledge of our billing staff, has proven to be a great success.

This combination allows for our team to handle the load efficiently and pass the savings onto our client by offering a 5% of reimbursement for the use of our medical billing services and 2014 Certified Complete EHR solutions.

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