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The following is a list of features found in our MOSES Cloud© Practice Management and MOSES Cloud© Electronic Medical Records

But first a word of advice

To help you ensure a successful partnership with your PM/EHR solutions, here are a few words of wisdom:

Sign up with a PM/EHR solution that is completely integrated so that you do not need more than one solution to meet your needs

Make sure there are no hidden costs such as costs for each claim sent, each patient statement printed or each scanned image saved.

Make sure that your PM/EHR solution is Stage 2 (or 2014) certified COMPLETE (not partial and not stage 1).

Only sign up with an agreement that has no terms. You don't want to be locked in as your company fails due to an unsatisfactory PM/EHR solution.

MOSES Cloud© Practice Management

Customizable Desktop

Each user has the capability of customizing the layout of their desktop and how certain features behave. This customization allows for MOSES to be configured such that it works efficiently for each user's unique responsibilities.

Patient Demographics

The patient demographics is a comprehensive set of data that include general information as the patient's name, social security number, address, phones, etc. It also include extensive information such as unlimited insurance policies, all attorney related information (for PIP cases for example), historical diagnosis, unlimited authorizations, unlimited notes and many many other components that round out ALL information necessary to manage the patient's care.

Patient Encounters

A patient encounter is considered a scheduled visit found on the provider's schedule. Associated with each encounter is a superbill that is uniquely assigned a control number each time it is printed. This prevents criminal activity at the front desk.

Invoice Related Information

An invoice is associated with each patient encounter or scheduled visit. It contains all the details such provider, office, injury and hospitalization information, insurance policies, and all charges, payments and adjustments that are necessary to maintain every detail associated with the visit and to successfully obtain the highest reimbursements for the patient’s visit.

Patient and Resource Scheduling

The extremely powerful scheduler can manage schedules for every provider and office in the practice. Associated with each visit can be a visit type and a reason for the visit. As the patient arrives, and moves through the office during the visit, the schedule is proactively updated for all to see the status of each patient current in the practices. Also included with the visit is any tasks that are assigned during the patient’s visit. At a glance an administrator or front desk can see the progress each component (waiting room, triage, provider, checkout) and where the bottle necks are in the practice.

Billing and Collections

MOSES automates a great deal of the billing process. When charges are applied to the invoice associated with an encounter, the invoice is then placed in a queue awaiting the billing process. Then based on the insurance companies found on the invoice, the claim is either electronically submitted to a clearing house or manually printed on a HCFA. As time passes, billing cycles will ensure that if a payment has not been received, that the claims is rebilled. This automated process ensures that all monies are actively billed and never sitting idle. Varioues A/R reports report on the aging and insurance responsiveness for every invoice actively being billed.

Financial and Activity Reporting

There are over 50 reports available. Each report has significant customizations that allow 1000’s of combinations of reports. The customizations of each report are remembered for the next time the report is ran. This flexibility and variety allows for the data to be represented in every possible manner thus allowing the administrators to clearly understand the financial condition of their practice.

MOSES Cloud© Message Center

The Message Center is a central location that manages all communications within a practice as well as outside the practice.The first components of the Message Center, are the messages that are sent between MOSES users within the practice. These messages can contain a priority, be sent to multiple recipients, be attached to a patient and can even be sent to ‘user groups’ such as ‘Front Desk’. It can be considered as a ‘intra-office’ email system that is based on the user account in MOSES.

MOSES Cloud© Task Management

Tasks are assigned and tightly managed throughout MOSES. A provider can generate a task during the process of generating the clinical documentation (such as having the front desk schedule an imaging order or some internal lab work). These tasks are often associated with a patient and an invoice. The status of the task is reflected in the patient’s EMR, the Tasks Manager for the user, and the scheduled appointment that is associated with the patient’s encounter.

MOSES Cloud© Reminders Management

Reminders are used for various reasons. A reminder can be used to manage one’s own workflow but it can also be used to remind others of impending work or scheduled office meetings. These reminders have a ‘snooze’ and reschedule capability in case the reminder goes off at an inconvenient time and needs to be kept and rescheduled.

MOSES Cloud© Fax Management

The MOSESCloud© Fax Management is a comprehensive fax management system. The backbone of this fax solution is a back-office fax server. When a user generates a fax, the fax-server picks up the fax request and physically dials the phone, attaches to the recipient’s fax machine and sends the fax (not a 3rd party ‘web-based’ fax solution!). If the fax succeeds, then the fax request that was generated by the user, is updated as to the success and will indicate how many pages were faxed. If the fax fails, for whatever reason, the fax record is updated as the fax log and reason, but the fax server will also generate a message that is placed in the user’s MOSES Cloud© Message Center, alerting the user of the failed fax. 

MOSES Cloud© Email Management

This email system utilizes the user account name in MOSES, comprises an email address and uses that email address to send and receive email within MOSES. This approach relieves the practice from needing to pay for an internet domain with costly email accounts (or the use of hackable 'yahoo' or 'gmail' accounts). The backbone to the email solution is a back-office email server. This back office server processes all incoming and outgoing emails. An email can be associated with a patient account and therefore allow the user to attach any documentation found in the patient’s EMR.

MOSES Cloud© Security

Security is more serious than ever. There is a very low level audit trailing in place to track every database record change for every user. Therefore if a user mistakenly or maliciously changes data, the audit trailing system will record what was changed, when it was changed and who changed it. This audit trailing system also has a very flexible reporting tool that allows administrators to locate any database modifications made. Everything from a diagnosis description change to a financial amount change, to a prescription change, is audit trailed. Any data that is wrongly changed can then be recovered through the audit trailing system.

MOSES Cloud© Instant Messenger

Most everyone has heard of instant messengers.There are freeware products on the internet to provide instant messaging. However the MOSES Cloud© Instant Messenger does not communicate with anyone outside of the users of MOSES and it does not use any internet-based freeware instant messengers. It sends and recieves messages instantly, if the user is logged in. This allows for quick, non-obtrusive communications with the provider, during a patient encounter.

Audit Trailing

In addition to the database level audit trailing, there is also a financial audit trailing that is used to manage the daily financial activity for each user. This financial audit log is known as a ‘workfile’ and is associated with each day. At the end of each day, these workfiles are compated against the superbills, EOB’s, ERA, patient payments and other forms of financial transactions, to ensure that all financial transactions received by the practice and been accurately posted to MOSES. If the user’s workfile ‘balances’, then the workfile is closed and stored for later use during an End-of-Month balancing/closing process.

Tools & Utilities

There are numerous tools and utilities found in the MOSES Cloud Complete EHR©. Some tools can be used to consolidate data (such as insurance companies listed multiple times, when there only needs to be one), while other tools can be used to ‘scrub’ the data to locate user errors. There are user-assignable keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to as sign a function key to do execute a frequently used menu choice.

MOSES Cloud© Electronic Health Records

The following features are part of the MOSES Cloud© EHR. These are simply the major components. If you have questions about a specific component, it would be best to contact us, using the 'Contact Us' tab found at the top of this page.

Complete Integration with the MOSES Cloud© Practice Management

Most PM/EMR systems on the market today are a combination of products built by separate companies, then bought by one company and patched together and sold as one product. That is not the case here. The MOSES Cloud© Electronic Medical Records and the MOSES Cloud© Practice Management components were all originally built, maintained, and supported by MedXLnce. Since these products were built from scratch by the same company, they are tightly integrated into ONE complete EHR product titled MOSES Cloud Complete EHR©.

Clinical Documentation

The clinical documentation portion of MOSES is the core component of the MOSES Cloud©Electronic Medical Records. Once the templates are installed, customized by MedXLnce training staff (alongside the proper personnel for the medical practice), the generation of the clinical documentation is a swift, easy and comprehensive process. Notes can be generated quickly, when need be. Then at other times when comprehensive documentation is required, the templates allow for extreme flexibility to generate complete narratives that would be found acceptable to any insurance company or lawyer.

Scanned Image and Document Management

Driver's License or Insurance Card or any other patient-provided documentation can be scanned directly into the patient's EMR documentation and placed into customized folders so that the medical practice efficiently access patient's medical records. In fact, any paper-based documentation can be scanned and efficiently categorized. Lab results, electronic prescriptions, emails, and messages, that are associated w/ the patient, are all stored in the patient medical records.

Medical History

All of the patient’s medical history is able to be collected and represented in a very efficient manner. Whether it is during the triage process or when the provider is seeing the patient, MOSES makes it easy to not only review the existing medical history, but to also add and edit the medical history. Some of the medical history that MOSES maintains includes the patient’s vitals (BP, pulse, BMI, etc.), allergies, diagnosis, Review of Systems (ROS), and many more.

Patient Care Alerts

High priority notes regarding the patient can be placed in an alert. Depending on the purpose of the alert, it can be displayed when scheduling or when accessing the A/R or when accessing the EMR, or all of the above. The alerts can also be time sensitive.

Our Health Information Exchange (HIE) partner, Dr First ©

As part of our effort to stay with the growth of the medical community in the USA, we have partnered with Dr First. This partnership allows us to share patient data across the United States. We have built a tight integration with our HIE partner such that the MOSES user can utilize Relay Health without having another sign in or having to re-specify a patient. This integration enables the provider to not have to take unnecessary steps in providing patient care, thus maintaining a high level of efficiency.


There are many many more features of our MOSES Cloud© Electronic Medical Records. However it is best to contact us for a more in-depth understanding of MOSES. Both our PM and EMR components are very mature products. They have been used in the medical fields for over a decade and have been improved to make them exactly what our users need. To understand what this means, please refer to the ‘About Us’ page. If you would like to learn more about how partnering with MedXLnce as a client benefits your practice, please refer to the ‘Benefits’ page. However the best thing you can do is to let us talk with you to hear more about how we can improve your practice.

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